Heart of Redemption is an Alliance, 3-day-a-week, semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Stormrage server. Founded in 2005, we are seeking like-minded raiders for endgame content.  HoR has maintained a raiding schedule across all previous WoW expansions, and we  are fairly high in Guild Achievement points at 2,835 points - with aspirations going higher. To meet that goal we are also seeking a strong PvP team for both arenas and RBG’s.

We have currently opened recruitment because we have had some players step away from the game.  This is your chance to get in on the ground floor on a level playing field before the next raid is released!  Get in now and lay the groundwork with us for a strong start!


Tuesday: 9PM - 11PM EST

Wednesday: 9PM - 11PM EST

Thursday: 9PM - 11PM EST



Ranks:   Heart of Redemption’s ranks are geared toward our raiding goals.  Our top raider rank is nicknamed “HoR-CoR”.   The HoR-CoR are our specially trained raiding force... oh nevermind, you get the idea.  We also have ranks for guild officers, raid leaders, pvpers, and casual members. 

Be the best you can be, join the